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christian louboutin shoes Has been , throughout history, we are given the qualitative things : good and bad , light and dark, classy style , sad villain grass, brave and cowardly, noble and humble, great and small, forward and backward , the promoter of history and history of reflux. A pole allows you to live, a pole can also let you die . Today, the development of natural sciences , social sciences have not seen much results. Highly developed material civilization , while seeing the spiritual unreasonable. Does the gentleman must be light and heavy -defined interest you ? Gentleman can not love rich? Did materialistic is necessarily a bad person?

Spring time saw such an interview about the Chinese dream . Said a young man Cangnan one , he is painting school in Fujian, a company apprentice , he has a dream is to become a famous painter. But all along, did not draw a particularly christian louboutin shoes good work . Finally, he drew one of their most satisfying work he has done in preparing showed parents a gift , but happen to have guests fancy painting , a 1,800 yuan to buy the painting . This for him is not a small number , but also his paintings so far, the guests out to the highest price . He sold the same time, he also very sad , because there is no gift to their parents. Evaluation and follow our usual inference : lad you make a mistake , you give parents a gift , how can you sell . But why not sell ? I have four walls , I need the money , why not I sell. Young man standing on the angle is correct. I do not say that some critics would criticize this guy so . Not only that, a return to the show director Feng Xiaogang , the show has not come out , some critics began to criticize his movie. Feng was furious and said I was not Zhang Yimou , you call me, I you to death , fear in his power , those guys died down . Then the painter Fan Zeng , Fan Zeng 's paintings has been auctioned to millions , and this certainly can not do without some critics praise . But Van said, I would rather not have those critics to praise me.

Say what the purpose of these is it ? Scientific development today, we should not then dichotomy to understand the world . Is it 24 hours a day only during the day and night do ? Dusk and dawn would not it? Is it all year round weather forecast can only talk about the cold and hot? No mild and cool it? The only good things and bad people do only a gentleman and a villain ? Why is the grass ? Under the grass is strong and unyielding stone , hardy typical. The grass on the wall became a swaying , indecisive typical it? christian louboutin shoes I say good and bad things in the development stage but which , rather than the final nail in the standard . Even should objectively evaluate the final nail , but not qualitatively good or bad. Everything from practical and realistic , should respect the objective , not a word of thing ?

Many big corrupt officials have done a good thing, many self-proclaimed honest officer has also been keeping a low profile face of evil . Many have had bad chivalrous side, many good people christian louboutin shoes have had humble moment. State said that to ground gas . What is the ground gas ? That is the objective , from reality . Also grass grow under large stones grass, is also growing in the grass on the wall . Under the growth of large stones will certainly strengthen it? Growth in the wall will certainly sway lightness? Can not. The environment is very important, very important family tradition , thinking is very important, change is very important. Mainstream , good or bad drivers and ethos of social development and social development, that thought, that culture, ideology determines action , thought had shaken a shift in thinking , behavior change is inevitable does not happen.

We all know that there is a phrase called " the situation improves christian louboutin shoes ." Bad will be converted to a certain extent for the better . At the same time , a good way to a certain extent also transformed the bad aspects . Recognition of the problem , the entire world community as a whole is good or bad, bad is good , is not to reconcile, no CKS . Investigate its point , I'd say people are good or bad, is to educate , to tie down a good foundation for him , in the heart of a beautiful species of seed , we should also pay attention to shape the overall environment. Today's central control corruption , many officials by surprise , people are surprised , but there are some people who do not know this truth accident .

Gentleman is not a standard ? What is a gentleman ? Our ancestors had given an answer - will know the day , and mastered the Thai law is not a gentleman . So this definition and the legendary gentleman is not the same . Why Mao Zedong powerful ? Mao Zedong Thought is because a strong , thoughtful people called gentleman. Life, many people are Suifeng Dao , the social atmosphere is good, he is good , the social atmosphere is not good, he is not good. Formed the habit, but also slowly changing . Which as it grew from education , planted good roots, which as always thought the most important to christian louboutin shoes him irrigation . Said the lack of social morality , I think failure is a failure and ideological and cultural construction of Chinese education , or do not keep up with the needs of the times. Dreams do not pay , everything fails, do not pay up and down , the world is no state , both inside and outside do not pay, the yin and yang discord. ( The inside and outside , we have to think, what is inside and outside ) . So, family traditions , study , living style, work style which is very important , very important, and christian louboutin shoes he is particularly important for the fence .